About Me

I was born in Romania during the reign of dictator Nikolai Ceausescu . At the time the people suffered greatly under dictatorial rule and poverty prevailed there . Among the laws and prohibitions that he rulled on the Romanian people was the prohibition of abortion.

These orphans were called "the children of Ceausescu". I was two days old when I was sent to an orphanage in Bucharest. I moved to a large number of orphanages and after the fall of the dictator (he and his wife were shot in front of a firing squad) when I was 4 years old in 1990 I was adopted.

Over the years I have changed educational frameworks and moved between different institutions. At a relatively young age, I was considered mentally ill , my normal hair began to disappear until it disappeared completly and this situation remains, to this day, yes.. for 25 years. The other other problems on a mental background (which are not visible to the outside) are really the most difficult problems of all.

True , I am aware of the great gap that exists in me , whether it is the misleading view, the awareness of things and in general who I am , but only you know how you go to sleep . On top of that some problems that are not shown on the outside. Common sense collides and the big gap between your reality and practice is enormous.

It is not simple but yes , I know how to say out loud - "yes I am mentally hurt" - and really be complete in a difficult reality . Maybe from this place I began to paint and slowly found a comfortable and right place for me , I had never studied any art or other.

A little about me .. I worked in collaboration with galleries in Israel and abroad (Broadway), I appeared in various magazines in Israel and abroad, I went through international recognition competitions (art), etc., I held many exhibitions in Israel (and abroad), I exhibited in London (Royal Gallery Opera Arch), I presented in the United States and most recently at the Romanian Embassy in Israel.

Now I'm here. I am independent I transfer some of my art to your clothes :)

My own portraits , usually black and white , are the main motto of the idea itself, as expressed in the unconventional painting of my complex existence , as an inexplicable balance of black-and-white reality . The rest of my works erupt in a vast variety of form and color.

These works may be a kind of antithesis to my first childhood . This is the freedom I have found , the freedom to create something new , every time from the beginning , without any limits and limitations . This is the freedom to create the tremendous chaos again and again , with a surprising order that is planned and calculated at every moment :)