Reason | Protective Laptop Sleeve – Yael Yael Art
Reason | Protective Laptop Sleeve
Reason | Protective Laptop Sleeve

Reason | Protective Laptop Sleeve

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Width (inches) 10 ½ 11 ¼
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The "Cause" design of Yael Yael becomes a functional piece of artwork in this thin, lightweight mobile sleeve, specially designed to protect your computer from scratches and other damage. The inner zipper is padded and the inside of the sleeve is fully padded with the most fur-like protection for the best possible protection for your device. The outer material is resistant to water, oil and heat.

The artist's "Cause" design is an abstract pattern, perhaps intended to symbolize the moonrise as it looks over the distant world, with two spherical moons that have just crossed the horizon. The artist carved these shapes with white and black paint brush strokes so as not to overshadow the cracked tree-shaped splits and the aqua, blue and rose layers she uses to add interest, movement and texture.

Please refer to the size guide below to make sure that the cuff you purchase fits your device.

• 100% neoprene
• Product Weight:
13 '' - 6.49 grams. (220 g)
15 '' - 7.67 grams. (260 g)
• Fine fitness
• Faux fur lining
• Light and water resistant, oil and heat resistant
• Enclosure
Zip top loading with two sliders • Lined zipper binding